December 13, 2017

Atrial Fibrillation Treatment Options–Dr. James Edgerton consults on Afib treatment with patient

In this video, cardiothoracic surgeon Dr. James Edgerton of The Heart Hospital Baylor Plano (Plano, TX) consults with an afib patient and caregiver about various atrial fibrillation treatment options, including medications, cardioversions, catheter ablation, and surgical procedures.

Dr. Edgerton is a board-certified cardothoracic surgeon at the Heart Hospital Baylor Plano, an Adjunct Assistant Clinical Professor at the University of Texas at Arlington, and serves as Chair of the Education Committee for the non-profit Cardiopulmonary Research Science and Technology Insistute (CRSTI). Dr. Edgerton also serves on the Medical Advisory Board.

For more information on this video and Dr. Edgerton, visit and to view a previous presentation by Dr. Edgerton on mini maze procedures, visit:


  1. Donald L. Mallick says:

    It seemed to be a thorough review of the procedures and steps that
    are normally “required” or used to treat the problem. I thank Mellanie
    for making this information available.

    Donald L. Mallick,
    My wife (81) is dealing with her AFIB currently with medication. She did have one Catheter Ablation procedure, that did not appear to work from the beginning, and her recovery was more complicated than expected. To date, she has been doing well with the medication, and she uses Pradaxa as her blood thinner.