January 23, 2018

Can Avoiding Dehydration Prevent Atrial Fibrillation “Holiday Heart Syndrome”?

Featured at Grand Rounds: Health Tips at USATODAY.com The holidays seem to bring on lots of atrial fibrillation, often attributed to a condition called “Holiday Heart Syndrome”, which is supposedly caused by consuming too much alcohol and caffeine during the holidays. This year, can we avoid afib caused by Holiday Heart Syndrome? I think so, […]

Full-Body Scans, Federally-Mandated Groping, and Atrial Fibrillation, Oh My!

By Mellanie True Hills I just got home from a one-week multi-city trip and have so much catching up to do. But with the furor over the new airport security screening procedures that have just gone into effect in the US, I have some thoughts that I simply must share before my head explodes. This […]

Is Atrial Fibrillation in Women Less Diagnosed?

A new study has shed light on gender bias in diagnosing heart disease, which may apply to diagnosis of atrial fibrillation in women as well. Read: Why Atrial Fibrillation May Be Missed More in Women After reading the article, please come back here to the Atrial Fibrillation Blog to add your comments and experiences.

Update to “Olympic Athlete Fights Atrial Fibrillation”

I recently wrote Olympic Athlete Nicola Coles Fights Atrial Fibrillation about the New Zealand rower who experienced atrial fibrillation during her final training for Beijing. You may have wondered if Nicola’s afib impacted her during the Olympics. You’ll find the answer in the updated story: Nicola Coles and Other Olympic Athletes Fight Atrial Fibrillation Just […]

Hear Your Heart to Reduce Stress and Save Your Life

Stress reduction through heart coherence, by Vreni Gurd, is great food for thought for anyone dealing with stress, especially for those with atrial fibrillation triggered by stress. Some interesting comments from the article: The brain and the heart are connected via the autonomic peripheral nervous system, which is not under conscious control and regulates organ […]

MSNBC.com Story Shares Our E-mail Disaster

Whether or not you have atrial fibrillation, stress isn’t good for you. We’ve all had e-mail disasters, and they are stressful. I had one earlier this year. A writer for MSNBC.com recently had her own e-mail disaster, but as I shared my experience, she realized that there is life after e-mail disaster. She wrote up my experience at MSNBC.com […]

Olympic Athlete Nicola Coles Fights Atrial Fibrillation

 I love the Olympics, and find myself staying up half the night watching them. Yes, I know it’s bad, but it’s only for a short while. I found myself transfixed the other night by the women’s gymnastics competition. They were so incredibly graceful, and yet so powerful, too. Not being athletic myself, I find this […]

Mellanie True Hills of StopAfib.org was Quoted at FOXBusiness.com

If you’re a Blackberry addict or a stress junkie, which can contribute to atrial fibrillation, you may be interested in this new article in which Mellanie True Hills, CEO of StopAfib.org, was quoted. Mellanie True Hills quoted at FOXBusiness.com P.S. A reader just sent this additional link for Blackbery addicts: Texting and walking is bad for […]

Tim Russert’s Heart Attack: Was He Our Canary in the Coal Mine?

Since the shocking death of political commentator Tim Russert a few days ago, we have seen a huge outpouring of love and respect for this man who was so admired. I admired him, too, but this post is not about what his life taught us, but about what his death taught us. Many of us with […]

Does Stress Cause Atrial Fibrillation?

Atrial fibrillation is so sneaky. So is afib really stress in disguise? Afib seems to sneak up on you when you least expect it and you wonder “where did that come from?” It’s hard to pin down an atrial fibrillation cause or trigger when it’s different every time. For some, it’s triggered by alcohol or […]