February 24, 2018

Dr. Anne Cahill on Arrhythmias and Omega-3 Fatty Acids — Video

StopAfib.org recently spoke with Dr. Anne Cahill, a cardiothoracic surgeon, about arrhythmias and supplements, including Omega-3 fatty acids. Watch the interview at:

Video Interview with Dr. Anne Cahill


  1. Larry,

    Dr. Cahill’s comment was related to rigorous scientific research showing that to be the optimal amount.

    You should count the fish into your total intake of Omeag-3s and supplement if necessary.


  2. Larry Lozier says:

    Why does Dr Cahill say ‘not 7 times per week? I’ve read that after a certain amount omega 3s can exacerbate heart arrythmias. True or any additional info? And what if you eat fatty fish 3 times per week – is the additional supplementation then not recomended. Love to have clarity on this.

  3. (Mr.) Jackie Hornsby says:

    I watched with interest the short video of Dr. Anne Cahill on Omega-3 fatty acids.

    My cardiologist put me on Omega-3, as I cannot tolerate Statins. As a result, my cholesterol is barely measurable and slightly over 100.

    I use the only prescription Omega, LOVAZA. Research will show it to be superior to fish oils and as a prescription is covered by Medicare and insurance.