February 22, 2018

It’s Atrial Fibrillation Awareness Month — What Can You Do to Help?

Learn all about what is happening during Atrial Fibrillation (AF) Awareness Month along with what you can do to help.

In addition, did you know about the following patient and caregiver resources for all who are concerned about afib?

  • What You Don’t Know About Afib Could Kill You Video
  • Get Started Learning about Afib Guide
  • News and Videos
  • Patient and Caregiver Resources
  • Discussion Forum

Check it all out at: Get in Rhythm and Stay in Rhythm during Atrial Fibrillation Awareness Month


  1. Diane Dicresce says:

    Posted a week ago

    • Hi Diane,

      I replied to your original post a couple of days ago, but here it is again:

      Hi Diane,
      Thanks for sharing your story. You may be interested in asking your
      question over in our discussion forum. To get to the StopAfib.org
      Discussion Forum, go to: http://forum.stopafib.org. To post or ask
      questions, you’ll need to register. Instructions for registering and
      getting started are here: http://forum.stopafib.org/index.php?showforum=25.

      I am sorry to hear that you are struggling with afib. Afib has many
      causes, and it’s really unknown what all of them may be. While you may
      be looking for more specific answers, and you may be better able to find
      that kind of help in our discussion forum, and I have included that
      information above.