January 23, 2018

Can Atrial Fibrillation Patients Decrease Swine Flu Death Risk with a Pneumonia Shot

There is a lot of concern about the H1N1 flu, commonly called swine flu, especially in light of recent deaths. With word that the vaccine may be delayed to some locations, what can those with atrial fibrillation do in the meantime? One key is in the recent finding that many swine flu deaths are due […]

Why Those With Atrial Fibrillation Should Consider Pneumonia Vaccination

For those in the northern hemisphere, where winter is coming on, this message could save your life. This applies to most people with atrial fibrillation since the majority have underlying heart disease. It may also apply to many with lone atrial fibrillation who may in fact have undiscovered or undiagnosed heart disease. This is valuable information even for those […]