January 20, 2018

Join StopAfib.org at the HRS “AFib Feels Like” event in San Francisco on May 7

Learn more about atrial fibrillation at the Heart Rhythm Society “AFib Feels Like” event on May 7, 2014, in San Francisco. StopAfib.org founder, Mellanie True Hills, will speak about managing afib and advocating for yourself. There will be yoga sessions as well. Learn more at:  StopAfib.org joins with Heart Rhythm Society for “AFib Feels Like” […]

Atrial Fibrillation Research Study Seeks Those Who Have Taken Antiarrhythmic Drugs and are Near San Francisco, Cincinnati, or New Jersey

UPDATED 6-30-09: Study is now complete.  An afib research study is looking for afib patients who are near San Francisco, Cincinnati, or New Jersey/New York and who have taken certain anti-arrhythmic medications (Flecainide, Rythmol, Propafenone, and similar). They are offering an honorarium for your time. Find out if you qualify at: Atrial Fibrillation Research Study […]