December 13, 2017

View the Transcript of our October Atrial Fibrillation Chat with Cleveland Clinic Afib Experts

Recently, partnered with the Cleveland Clinic to give you an opportunity to ask questions of three of their atrial fibrillation experts, Dr. Walid Saliba, Dr. Sergio Pinski, and Dr. David Van Wagoner, along with founder Mellanie True Hills.

The transcript of our afib community chat with these atrial fibrillation experts from the Cleveland Clinic is now available. This chat features a wealth of information. For ease of use, the transcript is organized into topic areas.

To learn more, see:  Transcript of Afib Chat with Cleveland Clinic Atrial Fibrillation Experts on October 30, 2012


  1. Hi, I just had my second Ablation in a year …. Ablation with CFAEs. Last week’s ablation lasted 10 hours and when I arrived in my room my heart rate was 68 … very normal. Sometime in the night it went to 106 and stayed there but with a normal rhythm. However, it is not my rhythm. I have an appt. to see my doctor on Dec.19th but am worried that in the meantime my heart will be re-modelling and get used to the 106 rate ..which makes me tired. Would a cardioversion convert me back to my rhythm and do no harm???