February 19, 2018

Are you an atrial fibrillation patient in New Jersey or Eastern Pennsylvania? Can you help with this?

An agency is seeking help with a project. Here is their request:

“Hi everyone – for those who live in the New Jersey / Eastern PA area, a pair of healthcare consultancies are going to be conducting a test of Afib websites and they are looking for participants. The website tests will be held in Freehold, NJ, during May. It will take about 45 minutes – 1 hour and there is a $100 stipend. The goal of the study is to understand what barriers may exist for patients viewing medical websites, and to identify potential solutions.

If you’re interested in learning more, use this link to send an e-mail with your name and the best way to contact you.”


  1. Andy Miller says:

    I have been involved in a few of these and the Stipends did spend.
    I was disappointed as all the moderator wanted to do was promote Pradaxa Drugs.

    • Andy,

      This study is by two consulting companies and is not underwritten by any drug or device companies. It is strictly a study of issues with medical web sites and how to overcome them.