February 24, 2018

Coming Soon: AF Stat to launch the “AFib Educator” App and Desktop Widget

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The AFib Educator will provide healthcare professionals with an at-hand resource to help illustrate how AFib affects patients including risks and symptoms.The free app and desktop widget will feature detailed animations of the heart, EKG demos and x-ray images. It will also show patients how AFib impacts the flow of blood between the heart’s chambers as well as electrical impulses.

Updated 3-22-10: The AFib Educator is now available. Find out more about how to download it to your desktop, laptop, or smartphone device (iPhoneTM mobile digital format) at “AFib Educator” Smartphone App and Desktop Widget Offers Patient Dialogue Tool for a Complex Cardiovascular Disease

AFib Educator


  1. nina kirk says:

    I would like more information on AFib Educator when it is available. Nina Kirk

  2. nina kirk says:

    I would like more information about AFib Educator when it becomes available.
    Nina Kirk


  1. […] “AFib Educator” iPhone App and desktop and laptop widget was launched this morning by the AF Stat coalition. […]