February 21, 2018

Did Pope Benedict Have an AV Node Ablation for His Atrial Fibrillation?

There is interesting new information in an article today regarding the Pope’s atrial fibrillation and strokes. It reports that he had a bleeding stroke in 1991, along with a stroke in 2005. The bleeding stroke could certainly explain why he was refusing anticoagulants.

Even more interestingly, the article also reports that he had a pacemaker implanted years ago. With chronic atrial fibrillation, and a pacemaker, does that mean he might have had an AV node ablation? (Just a guess on my part, no fact.)

We know that staying in afib long term puts one at much greater risk of a stroke. Even the Pope is not immune to that seeming law of nature.

For more information on AV node ablation, see our earlier article on AV Node Ablation: Why You Shouldn’t Have It.