February 21, 2018

Videos of Dr. Robert Kowal and Dr. William Brinkman on the Latest Atrial Fibrillation Catheter Ablation and Surgical Procedures

At the Get in Rhythm, Stay in Rhythm Atrial Fibrillation Patient Conference, Dr. Robert Kowal discussed innovative new catheter ablation procedures to treat atrial fibrillation and to prevent strokes. The ablation procedures he discussed included laser balloon, specialized radiofrequency catheters such as cycled phased RF, FIRM (Focal Impulse and Rotor Modulation) mapping, and renal artery denervation. The stroke prevention devices that he discussed included the Watchman left atrial occlusion device and the Lariat left atrial appendage closure.

Also at the conference, Dr. William T. Brinkman discussed surgery for atrial fibrillation, including the concomitant maze, the classic Cox maze, the closed chest maze using the Dallas Lesion Set, and the new staged hybrid surgical ablation procedure. He also talked about surgical treatment of the left atrial appendage in order to decrease stroke risk.

These two videos are posted along with the other conference videos — access the conference agenda and videos at:

Watch the Videos from the Get in Rhythm, Stay in Rhythm Atrial Fibrillation Patient Conference


  1. I’m watting for the transcript of this confference to be available. Tanks!! Anita

    • Anita, You can see the videos of the entire conference by clicking on the link in the blog, but here it is for the sake of convenience. Slides of the presentations are also available.